VOLCANO DEFORMATION is a platform for sharing the results and findings of my research about volcanoes with the modelling community and researchers, who investigate the Earth deformation.   Through this website, the latest versions of the scientific software that I develop for my research are easily accessible to the public. Any feedback and comments regarding the software and other contents of this website would certainly help me improve the contents and keep the software up-to-date.

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My research focuses on developing mathematical and physical models of volcano deformation. Applying these models to various geodetic observations, and by using nonlinear inversion schemes, I infer the unknown parameters of deformation sources of active volcanoes. The boundary conditions that I use in these problems are based on physical and geological constraints. This way, I model the stress interactions between different parts of volcanic plumbing systems. These models are the key to understanding the processes that govern the evolution of the plumbing systems and deform the volcanoes. Interaction of the magma reservoirs with local tectonic faults, and also topographic and gravitational effects on shallow deformation sources are other processes that I investigate.


The two software packages that are already available on this website provide functions for dislocation modelling in elastic media.

The first package contains MATLAB functions for calculating displacements, strains and stresses associated with triangular dislocations (TDs). The functions in this package implement the Nikkhoo and Walter (2015) analytical solutions that are free of artefact singularities and numerical instabilities. 

The second package deals with rectangular dislocations (RDs) and compound dislocation models (CDMs). The MATLAB functions in this software package implement Nikkhoo et al. (2017) method, and allow for calculations associated with RDs with full rotational degrees of freedom and generalized point sources.